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Alpha One Imaging is proud to provide affordable, top-quality portable X-ray, ultrasound and EKG services throughout Louisiana on a 24/7 basis. We come to you with advanced DR imaging technology and unparalleled turnaround times, which means patients stay comfortable and secure, staff saves time, transportation costs are minimized and the overall quality of care improves.

We serve patients throughout the state of Louisiana at their care facilities, including LTAC and rehabilitation hospitals, nursing homes and home health and hospice settings, helping patients stay comfortable and avoid a trip to the hospital. Our licensed technologists also travel to doctor's offices, after-hours clinics, mental health facilities and correctional institutions to perform imaging for patients.

Our occupational medicine partners benefit from cost-effective annual chest X-rays and other diagnostic tests needed to ensure worker health in chemical, industrial, railroad, shipyard and emergency response settings in Louisiana. Getting the exams done at your place of work means reduced costs and less downtime for your employees.

Contact us or call (225) 590-0790 to learn more about partnering with Alpha One.

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