Meet the Alpha One Team: Brian Horton

At Alpha One Imaging, we take pride in our team of compassionate and skilled technologists. Their outstanding work is integral to our success in providing patients with superior care, whe .. Read More

Meet the Alpha One Team: Andrew Knox

At Alpha One Imaging, our employees truly are our family. They are integral to our success and greatly contribute to the state-of-the-art mobile imaging services th .. Read More

Meet the Alpha One Team: Ruby Hood

At Alpha One Imaging we view our employees like family, and everyone makes an important contribution to the team. When we serve patients, businesses, and Nursing Homes in the community we hop .. Read More

How to be a Community Minded Business

We live in a consumer and profit driven world, but that doesn't mean the bottom line always has to be reduced to a number. The best businesses, and what we strive to be, are those that truly desir .. Read More

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