The Value of Person-Centered Care

Read Time: 3.5 minutes Person-centered care in a nursing home or elder care setting is placing a high priority on the patient’s comfort - which ultimately results in happier and healthier patients .. Read More

The Importance of Arterial Ultrasounds

Read time: 3-4 minutes Mobile medical imaging providers that serve nursing home or assisted living facilities help to improve overall patient care in a plethora of ways. Alpha One Imaging  .. Read More

A Career as an Ultrasound Technologist

Are you curious about what a career as an Ultrasound Technologist looks like? What better way to learn about the position than hearing from one of our employees, Jodi.  .. Read More

How to utilize Mobile Imaging Services

One of the questions that we get time and time again is how businesses can utilize Mobile Imaging Services. Here’s a list of business and personal uses for mobile imaging services. If you’re  .. Read More

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