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We eliminate logistic hassle by coming to you while saving your facility the headache of scheduling transportation and risking increased injury and discomfort to the patient.

Our portable/mobile services are obtainable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Our online RIS (Radiology Information System) gives you access to view your patient’s images and reports 24/7. Services available are: x-rays including- chest, lower & upper extremity, spine, pelvis, and head. We also offer EKG’s and Ultrasounds including-venous, arterial, ECHO, abdominal, aorta, carotid, ABI and many more.

Utilizing mobile imaging will keep the patient in your care and in the comfort of their usual surroundings satisfies not only you as the provider but the patient and family, as well.

We can also help reduce costs to the patient by eliminating the co-insurance charges of ambulance transportation and the emergency room.

Read our blog about “Why Mobile Imaging Services Are Cheaper Than Hospitals”

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