Radiography is an area of medical practice that has significantly benefited from the implementation of innovative technologies in recent years. New digital radiography (DR) imaging machines are easier and faster to use, provide more precise images and are safer for patients—all leading to better care overall. Here are some of the benefits of using DR machines, like Alpha One’s, for patient exams.

DR Machines vs CR Machines

There are two types of digital imaging machines available—computed radiography (CR) readers and the newer, digital radiography (DR) flat panel. While both of these systems are currently in use by many practices, they have some key differences.

Ease of Use

New DR machines are equipped with software and database technology to simplify image processing and storing of patient files.

Less Processing Time

New DR machines have the latest image processing software that produces scanned images much quicker than images taken by older CR machines. This is because CR machines utilize cassettes for storing images, while DR makes use of newer flat-panel technology. It simply takes more time and effort to remove the cassette from the bucky tray, take it to the reader, read it, clear it and replace it.

High Imaging Quality

New DR machines produce the highest-quality images by utilizing the latest imaging technologies. These images are typically more informative as they can relay more information to the attending physician, as compared to images processed by CR machines. CR machines also don’t allow for image quality validation until after the cassette has been processed, while other methods can show the image on the spot.

Patient Safety

Older CR machines can require a higher concentration of radiation to produce their diagnostic images. Although radiation is necessary in order to capture the image, overuse can be harmful to patients. Thanks to new technology, DR machines have finely-tuned sensors that require lower amounts of radiation to produce high-quality images.

New DR technology has allowed for much safer and informative diagnostic imaging than ever before.Alpha One prides itself on using the most advanced DR technology to ensure our patients are receiving the most accurate and insightful diagnostic readings. With our highly trained technologists, who are eager to engage with patients, you can put your trust in Alpha One Imaging. If you’re in need of mobile imaging solutions, trust our experts to handle all of your diagnostic imaging needs!