In today’s market being a great provider requires more than being the best practitioner. With so many technologies available it’s increasingly important to evaluate how your patients receive care and information as well the cost they incur. Here are the top reasons that implementing mobile imaging can give your practice a competitive edge.

Our services are up to 85% cheaper than hospitals or stand-alone imaging centers– A large number of patients either don’t have insurance or have very high deductibles that make receiving diagnostic imaging financially out of reach. You can pass the savings on to your patients while ensuring they receive the best possible care.

Convenience- Time is a precious commodity and having to send a patient that has already taken off work or arranged child care to a third party imaging site is inconvenient and time consuming. Imagine being able to offer them in office care or setting up an appointment where the imaging center would come directly to them at their preferred time.

24/7 availability- Many physicians’ offices now offer extended office hours and weekend hours to accommodate their patient’s busy schedules. However, if you see a patient on a Saturday or at 6 pm and they need a diagnostic imaging scan your options are limited to hospitals and subject to their availability and pricing. We are available 24/7 365 days a year.

Faster digital results- The faster you receive an imaging scan the faster you can diagnose your patient and prescribe and appropriate course of treatment. Our results are available digitally faster than any other imaging company you’ll find. Additionally, our patient/provider portal is easy to navigate and allows you to keep a digital copy of all patient records.

Highest quality imaging services- Each of our technologists have extensive mobile medical experience and are nationally registered and licensed.

We work with certified radiologists licensed in the state who have more than 25 years of experience. The radiology group we utilize is also JCAHO certified to further meet our objective of providing the highest quality diagnostic services.

By utilizing our mobile imaging services, you both save money and provide outstanding service and convenience to your patients. We offer a free no hassle consultation on how to implement our services in your practice