Imaging Technology is an essential part of Hospitals, Private Practices, and Long Term Care Facilities. However, due to the continually evolving technology and high costs, it’s not uncommon for businesses to have outdated machines or none at all depending on the type of practice. Previously the solution was to outsource imaging needs to a third party company which required patients to go to another location, and for Doctors to wait longer than necessary for results. Mobile Imaging has stepped in and created a better option that not only makes your job as a Provider easier, but keeps your patients happier, healthier and more likely to recommend your services.

Check out our top 5 ways that Mobile Imaging can make your job easier

  1. Reduced costs- We know you didn’t suffer through Medical or Nursing school for the paycheck alone, but you do have a bottom line, and if you can reduce costs while increasing patient satisfaction it’s a win-win. By not paying the upfront cost for imaging machines, maintenance, and a staff to run them you can drastically reduce your costs and put that money where you really need it
  2. Convenience- You no longer have to send patients to an imaging center or coordinate moving patients, which is time consuming, uncomfortable for the patient, and requires paid time to the employee moving them, plus dealing with the logistics. Mobile imaging comes to you and your patients 24/7. It’s faster, easier and more cost effective.
  3. Increased Productivity- When no one in your practice is diverted away from your facility to transfer patients to receive imaging their time can be better spent on tasks at hand.
  4. Fast digital results- Mobile Imaging is 100% digital and utilizes the most up to date technology. You get your results faster and can diagnose a patient or send them on their way that much sooner.
  5. Patient Satisfaction- This is arguably the most important reason, a patients satisfaction with your work is the best business card you could ever have. Having a streamlined, comfortable process ensures that your care will memorable for the right reasons

Mobile Imaging can help your practice gain a larger market share. By differentiating yourself from computers who offer the same but sub-par services you will brand yourself as the best in the business, which will translate into a measurable increase in the percentage of clients seeking out your services.