Reducing readmission rates is a top priority for most medical institutions. Readmission rates can have a defining impact on funding and reputation, so it’s something most leaders in the industry keep in mind at all times. By extending the capabilities of modern X-ray, ultrasound and EKG equipment, mobile imaging technology can have a prompt and direct impact on reducing readmission rates.


Benefits of Delivering Care Services to Patients

Mobile imaging equipment allows healthcare professionals to conduct many kinds of essential screenings and actively monitor a patient’s condition at their residence. The technology is flexible enough to accommodate individuals still living in their own house, as well as those in a long-term care home or a residential facility. This has several distinct benefits for both care providers and their clients.

Reduce Unnecessary Readmissions

As stated above, readmission rates are a big deal for medical institutions because it typically serves as a benchmark for performance and affects funding as a result. While it’s impossible to reduce hospital readmission rates entirely, mobile imaging services can help avoid extraneous repeat trips to the hospital for diagnostic screenings.

Cut Operating Expenses

Working with a patient in any medical environment can incur hundreds or even thousands of dollars in operational expenses. Usage of space, equipment and personnel time all add to the overall estimated cost for an appointment or procedure. Mobile imaging technology eliminates the need for patients to visit auxiliary facilities, which reduces administrative and logistical burdens on-site.


Mobile Solutions to Drive Patient Engagement

Like all forms of healthcare technology, developments in mobile imaging technology offer direct benefits for patients as well. Depending on location and personal situation, traveling to a hospital for screenings and other procedures can be extremely taxing. For older adults and those with limited mobility, eliminating the need to travel for regular appointments can provide relief from a challenging and risky routine.

Encouraging Full Participation

Mobile technology makes it easier for healthcare providers to serve their patients and makes it more difficult for patients to avoid proper screening procedures. Delivering these services to patients encourages full participation, which can improve their long-term prospects of recovery.


Integrating Mobile Imaging into Existing Care Services

Many leaders in healthcare organizations approach new technology and innovations with a mixture of excitement and wariness. Most developments in the industry require a significant investment of time and financial resources to implement, so trying something new can be a serious risk. However, this isn’t the case for mobile imaging technology—the cheaper costs, ease of implementation and beneficial impact on patient care makes partnering with mobile imaging companies a no-brainer.


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