X-rays, EKGs and ultrasounds are a foundational part of good healthcare because they help doctors diagnose diseases and develop treatment plans. It’s difficult, however, for many patients in a nursing home or other care environment to receive the appropriate diagnostic screenings in an efficient and comfortable manner.

Enter mobile imaging. This innovation in imaging technology is revolutionizing the options for healthcare providers and their patients. Check out these four benefits of mobile imaging, and learn how it can help your facility offer improved patient care.

Save Time

One of the biggest benefits of mobile imaging is the amount of time it saves everyone involved. Doctors, technologists, nursing home administrators, patients and others don’t have to waste time with transport to the hospital for imaging, long waits for diagnostic screenings, waiting for images to be reported on or other delays. Portable imaging makes it simple to get fast, accurate results at the patient’s bedside.

Mobile imaging helps produce faster treatment strategies and better overall patient care management. It also allows doctors and technologists to see more patients. Portable machines make it possible for the technologist to bring the equipment to the patient, enter the patient’s information, capture the image and send it to the treating physician through our secure online reporting system.

Improve Patient Comfort and Acceptance

Performing diagnostic screenings from the security and comfort of the bedside makes it easier for patients to receive the care they need. This increases acceptance of important screenings, particularly helpful for patients suffering from memory-related disorders who can become agitated if they aren’t in a familiar environment.

Eliminate the Need for Transport to the Hospital

Arranging for transport to the hospital for various tests and screenings is a big drain on resources for nursing homes, assisted living facilities, correctional institutions, hospice agencies and other care environments. On top of the high costs associated with imaging services at a hospital, organizing each trip takes time and effort, then a staff member must accompany the patient. Mobile imaging services remove the strain on such facilities by providing convenient, on-site diagnostic screenings.

Trips to the hospital are also difficult for patients. For elderly patients or those with disabilities in particular, transport to and from the hospital can be draining, challenging, and even hazardous. It’s inconvenient and increases the risk of further injury; it can also be a stressful experience emotionally. All of this can create anxiety and disorientation. Mobile imaging services bring the screening procedure to the patient thus eliminating the majority of the difficulty and discomfort.

Lower Costs

Reducing healthcare costs is a common topic, and mobile imaging provides one part of the solution. It’s a great way for care facilities to use resources more efficiently and reduce overall costs. By reducing the need for hospital transport and the amount of time required for diagnostic screenings while improving access to treatments, mobile imaging helps make treatment more efficient thereby reducing the overall cost of healthcare.

As you can see, mobile imaging offers dramatic benefits in a variety of healthcare settings. Given these benefits, it’s no wonder that mobile imaging services are gaining popularity. They make it quick and easy for patients to receive important preventative care. On-site diagnostic screenings can help you offer the best care possible to your patients. Contact Alpha One today for more information.