The implementation of PDPM means big changes for skilled nursing facilities and other medical practices. Including mobile imaging as part of your treatment process is a great way to help your facility meet the requirements of the new payment system. Here’s a look at how mobile imaging can help your facility thrive under PDPM.

Mobile Imaging Helps Meet the Goals of PDPM

PDPM ties payment to the value of treatment; it’s designed to promote quality care over quantity care. This means medical facilities are rewarded for providing effective treatment to patients and reducing their length of stay. Under the new system, treatment assessments, diagnoses and outcomes become more important than therapy. Given this new environment, it’s easy to see how quick, accurate imaging is quickly becoming a necessity for skilled nursing facilities. The following are a few examples of how mobile imaging helps meet PDPM goals.

PDPM Rewards Accuracy

Properly diagnosing a patient is crucial for effective treatment. Mobile imaging makes this easier by providing accurate diagnostic services to a greater number of patients. The images are available quickly so it’s easy to retake any x-rays or other images that weren’t clear enough the first time. The ease of mobile imaging also makes it possible for more patients to have access to diagnostic services.

PDPM Encourages Prompt Treatment

Efficient, effective treatment for patients is rewarded by PDPM, and what better way to achieve that then through efficient, effective diagnostic services? Instead of the time-consuming process of transferring patients to and from the hospital for screenings, mobile imaging offers diagnostic services right at your facility. This makes it fast and easy for patients to receive the screenings they need, regardless of their mobility level.

Mobile imaging also provides fast results. No more waiting for technologists to develop images in a dark room and then pass them to specialists for reading. The results are ready to view on the spot. Prompt results provide the information necessary to help diagnose patients more quickly so they can start an appropriate treatment plan as soon as possible.

Mobile Imaging Allows for Family Involvement

Including the patient’s family can also help improve patient outcomes. This is another area where mobile imaging can help your facility do well. Fast results mean you don’t have to leave family members sitting around wondering what’s going on or how to move forward. They can feel informed and involved throughout the process, which promotes collaboration and avoids costly readmission and relocation.

Mobile Imaging Aids with Medically Complex Patients

The new payment structure particularly rewards meeting the needs of medically complex patients. Timely diagnostic services are crucial for efficiently reaching desired outcomes with such patients.

Mobile Imaging and PDPM

The bottom line is that skilled nursing facilities need to provide effective, efficient care that meets patient needs in a timely manner to do well under PDPM. Fortunately, mobile imaging provides fast, accurate diagnostic services on site, transforming a traditionally time-consuming process into a smooth, easy one with immediate results.

If your skilled nursing facility is in need of a mobile imaging provider to help address mounting concerns with PDPM, contact Alpha One today. Alpha One leads the way in delivering effective, efficient mobile imaging solutions across Louisiana.