Chest pain is one of the most common, ominous and ambiguous complaints that patients deliver to their doctors. Some people complain of sharp or acute pain that makes it hard to breathe, while others present with a dull ache, soreness or burning sensation. The chest cavity contains many of the body’s vital organs, as well as numerous bones, muscles and other tissue, so there are dozens of potential causes for these sensations.

The Challenges of Chest Pain for Health Care Providers

As a symptom, chest pain is particularly problematic for health service providers due to the sheer number of possibilities. It could be nothing more than a passing case of indigestion, but it could also be the first sign of a developing condition with life-threatening consequences. That means medical providers constantly face the tough decision of balancing thorough diagnostic practices with managing overall costs for both patients and the facility.

These challenges have become even more pronounced following recent policy developments associated with the patient driven payment model (PDPM). The PDPM is a new Medicare classification system that changes the way health service providers are reimbursed. Service providers now face potentially higher costs for providing unnecessary service or insufficient care, which means physicians face more pressure to get a correct diagnosis as soon as possible.

Balancing Flexibility and Affordability

Despite the changes spurred by the new PDPM payment model, many care facilities simply don’t have the budget or consistent need to maintain a full range of diagnostic equipment. Lack of access to these tools can increase readmission rate, which is problematic for both patients and their care provider. Fortunately, outsourcing to expensive third-party partners or shouldering the costs of maintaining modern in-house equipment aren’t the only viable options anymore.

Developments in mobile imaging technology have created an opportunity for care providers to use flexible, affordable and effective services. Adopting professional and cutting-edge solutions, like those offered by Alpha One Imaging, can be a high-value transition for skilled nursing facilities, local clinics and many other kinds of medical establishments.

Addressing Chest Pain with Mobile Diagnostics

While existing conditions, environmental context and patient reports are all essential factors in a diagnosis, access to imaging equipment can remove a lot of the uncertainty. Since physicians face higher costs for misdiagnosing chest pain, conducting a thorough initial diagnosis is an increasingly important priority.

Imaging may add to the overall cost of diagnosis, but it can also save lives by revealing serious problems, like cancer or internal injury, that may not show any significant visible symptoms until a critical stage. Mobile imaging tests give health care facilities a way to improve their screening process, manage costs and deliver targeted care based around the needs of individual patients.

The Power of Mobile Imaging Solutions

As leaders in mobile and on-site diagnostics, Alpha One Imaging pushes the limits to deliver powerful, affordable and effective solutions. Our commitment is only reinforced by the knowledge that these services can make a real difference for all kinds of care providers, as well as all the people in their care. We welcome the opportunity to discuss our solutions, so don’t hesitate to contact us to learn how you can start leveraging the power of mobile imaging technology.