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  • Third-party imaging centers can be problematic for patients and physicians for a host of reasons, ranging from delays in reporting to increased costs.
  • Mobile imaging services can address these solutions by providing in-office imaging support that accommodates the individual needs of the patient.

If a patient visits a primary care physician and it’s determined that they need an ultrasound or other imaging scan,they will typically be sent to a third-party imaging facility or hospital. Unfortunately, this situation can beproblematic for several reasons. On-site mobile medical imaging can save physicians, staff and patients time and money,while resulting in better care overall.

Why Traditional Imaging Centers Aren’t Always Ideal

First, because the patient is at the mercy of the schedule of the third-party imaging center, there is often asignificant delay in results. Even after the scan is completed, it can take over 24 hours for the results of the scan tobe delivered to their doctor. Depending on the diagnosis, even the shortest delay can jeopardize the health of apatient. This is a common complication for cases of DVT (blood clots), where a prompt diagnosis is critical to propercare.

Second, the inconvenience of having to go to an additional office and wait for a scan can be a deterrent for a busyperson. Time off of work is precious and running from office to office can waste more time than a typical patient has tooffer.

Mobile Ultrasounds Offers Solutions

Fortunately, mobile imaging solves these issues effectively and offers additional benefits for both physicians and patients.

Physicians prefer the instant preliminary results that an in-office ultrasound provides, as well as faster delivery ofthe final report. Typically, we deliver the MD the final report through our secure digital reporting system with unparalleled turnaround times. Compared to the 24 hour delay of third-party imagingcenters, we offer a considerably faster service. Furthermore, physicians and patients appreciate that mobile imaging ismore flexible with scheduling and that services can easily be rescheduled to meet the needs of the patient.

If need be, we help with diagnosis by referring the patient to a proper vascular doctor or cardiologist. This saves thepatient from having to meet with multiple physicians and helps them avoid additional costs. Like physicians, patientsappreciate the added convenience of mobile imaging services and prefer physicians that offer mobile imaging servicesover those that don’t.

Alpha One Is The First Choice For Mobile Imaging

At Alpha One Imaging, we provide timely onsite diagnostic services performed by licensed technologists, which areinterpreted and transcribed by subspecialty-trained, expert radiologists across all of Louisiana.

If you’re interested in offering mobile ultrasound, x-ray, orEKGs in your office, we offer free consultations to walk youthrough the monetary benefits and simple process of setting up mobile imaging services. Contact us today to learn more.