Correctional facilities are often a difficult subject to approach when it comes to providing effective health care. The troubles associated with medical care at these facilities are numerous, ranging from issues with finding trained staff and ensuring their safety to providing cost-effective treatment.

Medical imaging is one of the factors facilities struggle with the most. Procuring timely and adequate exams for inmates, like X-rays and ultrasounds, is a serious challenge, and ensuring that inmates are sufficiently monitored and secure at a hospital is an enormous roadblock as well. In the coming breakdown, we’re going to be discussing how mobile medical imaging can help correctional facilities manage these challenges and why Alpha One Imaging is the best choice available.


Mobile Imaging Decreases Security Risks

Mobile imaging brings testing technology to the facility, eliminating the need for transportation for testing. Because mobile imaging does not require staff members and inmates to be moved from their posts within a facility, transportation and security risks of a hospital visit are eliminated completely in many cases. Your staff stays on-site where they are needed, and inmates stay in a secure facility and away from civilians.


On-Site Testing Decreases Overall Costs

One of traditional medical imaging’s most costly factors is associated with the exam location: the hospital. Bringing an inmate for a visit to the ER or hospital to receive an X-ray, ultrasound or EKG is costly. Injuries can often be treated on-site at a correctional facility infirmary but might require medical imaging or tests prior, which isn’t always available on-site.

Mobile imaging providers are a low-cost option that can often provide faster results than a hospital visit. Our portable imaging equipment means facilities can gain immensely from taking advantage of mobile imaging, plus we can provide these services on request and without complications, 24/7, 365 days a year.


Mobile Imaging Decreases Staff Downtime

On-site imaging can benefit facilities by drastically by eliminating the security risks associated with transporting patients – and by decreasing staff idle times as well. By keeping the inmate and guards on-site, staff can be where they’re needed, instead of waiting for hours at a hospital with one inmate.

All of our reporting is completed digitally on our secure online system, which means we can provide facilities with in-depth charts, images, and scans in real time and eliminate human error. Results of tests are available online with fast turnaround times, and scans are able to be securely shared with off-site physicians, if needed, saving your staff time.

Alpha One Increases the Quality of Care

Mobile imaging allows for a greater emphasis to be placed on results, procedures, and timeliness. It allows correctional facilities to provide comprehensive, on-site care – within their budget and safely for all parties involved.

Our staff at Alpha One Imaging goes to great lengths to ensure that our services match the effectiveness of hospital care, and to help our partners provide the best treatment possible for inmates in their care.

We provide tests, scans and more on a timetable that suits our partners’ needs, and accomplish this through a myriad of time-tested methods. Our mobile imaging services are simple to schedule and available on a 24/7 basis. To get started with enhancing a facilities efficiency, safety, and access to industry-leading medical imaging technology, contact us or call 1-225-590-0790.