How Mobile Imaging Companies Are Improving Health Care

Healthcare is a hot topic, and for good reason. Having access to quality healthcare is an integral part of leading a healthy life. But what exactly does quality healthcare entail? We believe that access, affordability, convenience, and quality are the hallmarks of great health care. Mobile Imaging Companies have entered the market because there was a need in the industry to provide better imaging care that would be more convenient and cost-effective for patients.

Here are the top five ways Mobile Imaging is improving health care:

1.We Come To You– It’s not always possible for patients to safely or comfortably travel to a hospital and logistical concerns can be a major roadblock for certain patients. Mobile Imaging has eliminated the need to travel by coming directly to you with everything needed for your exam. In addition to convenience, this set up also eliminates the possibility that patients will further injure themselves in transport.

2.We Truly Provide 24/7 Service- It would be so convenient if accidents only happened during normal operating hours but that’s just not how life works. Instead of having to go to the emergency room our services really are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. We’re also open on Holidays.

3. We’re Significantly Less Expensive– With no overhead costs, facility charges, or increased rates to compensate for poorly reimbursed procedures we can offer patients up to 85% off stand alone imaging cites. Additionally we extend a private pay discount to those patients who are without health insurance. 

4.Increased Access- Between the lower cost point of our services and the ability to eliminate logistical hassles mobile imaging has the ability to reach more patients and get them the care they need.

5.Model for Other Sectors of Health Care– We hope that the success of mobile imaging will serve as a model for other sectors of health care, we’re already seeing modalities such as Telemedicine that help reach patients where they are and ease transportation, cost, and convenience difficulties.

We serve nursing homes, local businesses, and preform services at health fairs. Additionally we also serve private residences. For more information on how we can help contact us for a consultation.