How Mobile Imaging Impacts Occupational Medicine.

If you’re a business owner or employee for that matter Occupational Medicine should matter a great deal to you. While never ideal, employees get injured on the job and develop diseases that impact their long term health. Occupational medicine offers both preventative and diagnostic care that benefits employees and employers alike.

Mobile Imaging furthers the benefits of Occupational Medicine by bringing services directly to you at up to an 85% cost reduction. Below are the benefits of using a mobile imaging provider.

Employer Benefits

 . Lower workers’ compensation expenses- If an employee is injured on the job its vital to have immediate and fast diagnostics. By not moving the employee and having x-ray services come directly to you the injury won’t be exacerbated and the employee will receive the best care available.

. Less Sick Time- By offering preventative scans and diagnostic services employees need to take fewer sick days. They’ll have fewer palliative care doctors visits to attend and if a condition is found early the prognosis is always better than an advanced condition.

. Reduced need for temporary replacement employees- Healthier employees means less need to fill empty positions

. Lowers the cost of retraining- Healthy employees mean fewer replacements which helps with continuity of work.

Employee Benefits

. On site medical imaging in case of an injury

. On site health screenings to prevent and diagnose job related conditions

. Convenience and cost savings of not having to take sick leave for treatment

If you’re a company interesting in implementing office wide X-Rays or EKG’s contact us for a free consultation.