At Alpha One Imaging, we take pride in our team of compassionate and skilled technologists. Their outstanding work is integral to our success in providing patients with superior care, wherever they may be. Meet our newest member of the team, ultrasound tech Brian Horton!

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a married father of three. My oldest girl is in college at LSU, and my son and daughter are in high school at St. Thomas More in Lafayette. We live in Youngsville.

What were you doing before you joined Alpha One?

I have been an ultrasound tech since 1995 and have worked in the hospital setting as well as several doctor’s offices.

What’s your favorite part of being an ultrasound tech?

I like being an ultrasound tech due to the fact that while on the job, you’re like a detective. You are the one who is going to find out what is wrong with that patient. If the ultrasound tech doesn’t see the pathology and image it, the radiologist won’t either. I especially take pride in finding abnormalities that other facilities have missed.

What do you enjoy about the mobile aspect of working for Alpha One?

I enjoy mobile ultrasound specifically due to being able to go to the patient, instead of them having to endure a trip to a hospital or imaging center. It is so much easier on the patient, and they are getting equal or better results from their studies. Most of the patients are really happy to see you arrive and are very appreciative of our service.

What made you want to join the Alpha One team?

Alpha One is quickly being recognized as a leader in mobile imaging. The company is doing all the right things in the right ways, and I desired to be part of an organization moving aggressively forward with lots of room to grow.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

In my free time, I enjoy following my kids around to their many activities. When not doing that, you will find me in Grand Isle chasing speckled trout and mangrove snapper in the summer. In the winter, I hunt ducks in Gueydan, where I was raised, and visit Coushatta, Louisiana for hunting deer.