According to the American Lung Association, Occupational Lung Diseases are the main cause of work-related illness inthe United States—based on frequency, severity and preventability of the illness. Caused by prolonged andrepeated exposure to a variety of airborne agents or even a single hazardous agent, Occupational Lung Disease canlead to severe health problems.

While preventative measures can help to reduce your employees’ exposure to these harmful agents, participating inroutine, preventative x-rays can help spot any issues before they turn into serious problems.

Mobile Imaging: Saving Your Company Time and Money

Offering annual exams, on-site at your workplace can help ensure early diagnosis and treatment, if any issues arise.If your employees are exposed to any harmful conditions—including asbestos, fibers, dust orchemicals—providing on-site chest x-rays can provide proactive and preventable care for your employees withoutany time lost.

Alpha One’s mobile imaging can provide on-site, B-read x-rays at a fraction of the cost compared to traditionalscreening methods and appointments.

Employers who provide these annual wellness exams onsite benefit from:

  • A healthier workforce
  • Lower workers’ compensation expenses
  • Less lost time due to sick leave or doctor’s visits

Our team of highly skilled technologists are available to conduct mobile, on-site imaging 24 hours a day, seven daysa week. Providing your employees with preventative, proactive care can make great strides in showing your team thatyou care for them and their wellbeing.

Contact us today to schedule your on-site exams to protectyour most valuable asset—your staff.