It’s the goal of every medical practice to tow the line of providing the best possible care while ensuring that costs remain at a point where it’s affordable for patients to receive care and for the business to run. Behavior Health Facilities are in the unique position of having high numbers of private-pay patients which makes the job of keeping costs as low as possible for them even more important. Utilizing Mobile Imaging in your Behavior Health facility can cut your imaging costs substantially while providing faster, better service. Here’s how.

Reduced security risk- By performing on-site diagnostic testing there is less security risk because the patients are remaining in a secure, known environment.

Fewer staff required- No staff is needed to specifically transport patients to a third party imaging site.

Decreased Costs- We’re up to 85% cheaper than stand alone imaging sites due to no overhead or compensation for poorly reimbursed procedures.

Increased Access- We can perform x-rays, ultrasounds and EKG’s (helpful for monitoring patients on certain medications) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Faster results- Our online RIS (Radiology Information System) gives you access to view your patient’s images and reports 24/7.

We offer complimentary consultations that evaluate your practices current use of medical imaging and provide an analysis of what mobile imaging could do for your business.