The primary factor that makes mobile imaging an ideal solution for nursing homes and home-bound/hospice patients is how the patient can undergo imaging without leaving the comfort of their environment. When discussing these types of patients, it is essential to make them feel comfortable in the setting they know best, and that’s precisely why mobile imaging approaches are ideal.

At Alpha One, we use a user-friendly custom reporting system to deliver imaging results back to caregivers, which allows secure online access to a patient’s past and current test results. The system compiles and updates statistics from actual data collected from Alpha One patients, including:

  • Average turnaround time for receiving imaging results on any exam.
  • Comparison of the number of senior falls over time.
  • Percentage of x-ray exams that resulted in a significant finding over a certain time period.
  • The progress of an exam from the time it’s ordered to the time it’s completed.

With a focus on quality and convenience, Alpha One Imaging strives to work as a partner with our clients to help them meet growing quality initiatives. In doing so, our customized QA reporting allows all patient information to be securely accessed online 24/7. It’s a digital, comprehensive view of patient information that helps optimize the level of care that patients receive.

Our reporting system also collects digital information related to radiology records that doctors, nursing directors and other qualified personnel can access, track and distribute, whether it’s for specific patients or entire populations. Mobile imaging solutions and comprehensive reporting solutions, such as those offered by Alpha One can help to enhance coordination between healthcare providers, improve diagnoses and results and deliver better patient care.

The Financial Factor

Beyond the improvement of patient care quality, the implementation of such systems in your own facility or practice equates to substantial financial benefits, starting with federal grants that may be available to those facilities that “meaningfully use RIS (radiology information systems) software.

Improved Patient Care

Because healthcare providers are granted access to detailed and comprehensive documentation via our reporting system – as well as to real-time reporting tools – the quality of patient care is boosted. Patients can experience less waiting times. This system also enables patients and their families to be more immersed in the treatment process because of facilitated education provided by the improved documentation.

Enhanced Diagnoses/Results

With a 24/7 reporting system, physicians and care providers are granted immediate access to each of their patients’ comprehensive medical information at all times, and this greatly aids in the accurate identification of underlying health issues and the administration of timely, effective treatment.

Stepped-Up Coordination

Our system allows each of the parties involved in a patient’s care to have a comprehensive understanding of that individual’s case – thus enabling a much more seamless, integrated care plan that can ultimately reduce the fragmentation of information.

To discover all the ways Alpha One Imaging makes it easy and fast for patients to receive vital preventative care, contact us today.