At Alpha One Imaging, we perform onsite diagnostic imaging services that help aid physicians in the accurate diagnosis of patients’ underlying health concerns. We understand that having a digital, comprehensive view of patient information can help optimize the level of care that patients receive, which is why we include a radiology information system in our services that allows all patient information to be securely accessed online 24/7.

Radiology information systems are collections of the digital information that relates to radiology records. Through this software, doctors, nursing directors and qualified specialists are given the ability to access, track and distribute radiological information on both specific patients and populations.

These systems can greatly benefit healthcare facilities in a number of ways, the most important being enhanced coordination between healthcare providers, improved diagnoses and results, better patient care and significant financial benefits. Take a look below, where we’ve highlighted the key details of each of these benefits.


Enhanced Coordination

Caring for patients usually includes at least one general practitioner, as well as several different nurses, specialists and doctors. Before electronic health records (EHR) and radiology information systems (RIS) were implemented, each of these providers would most likely be in possession of only a small portion of a patient’s information. Our 24/7 RIS software allows each of the individuals that are involved with a patient’s care to easily have a comprehensive understanding of that individual’s case. This allows for much more seamless, coordinated care that can reduce the fragmentation of information and lead to improved results for both patients and care providers.


Improved Diagnoses and Results

With our 24/7 radiology information system, physicians and care providers are given immediate access to each of their patients comprehensive medical information at all times. This greatly aids in the accurate identification of underlying health problems, as well as the administration of effective, timely treatment.


Better Patient Care

Healthcare providers are offered access to detailed and comprehensive documentation with our RIS software, as well as real-time reporting tools that help boost the quality of their patient care. This allows for patients to experience less waiting times and subsequently, less frustration. Our RIS system also allows for patients and their families to be more involved in their treatment due to the facilitated education that’s provided by the improved documentation.


Financial Benefits

Improving the quality of patient care isn’t the only benefit of implementing our RIS software in your practice, there is also a substantial financial benefit associated with it as well.Federal grants may be available to those practices that choose to implement and can demonstrate “meaningful use of RIS software, as the U.S. tends to incentivize the adoption of electronic health record systems in general.


Our 24/7 radiology information systems software, coupled with our mobile diagnostic imaging services, can enhance the quality of your patient care and efficiency of your practice through streamlined documentation, reporting and billing. Contact us today for timely onsite diagnostic services that are performed by licensed technologists, then interpreted and transcribed by subspecialty trained, expert radiologists. This level of productivity helps to keep your practice focused on what matters most – optimal patient care.