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Person-centered care in a nursing home or elder care setting is placing a high priority on the patient’s comfort – which ultimately results in happier and healthier patients. It means pinpointing care based on the demands of the individual.

Today, most folks who are in need of healthcare aren’t content with just sitting back and letting staff perform the care that they believe is best; this demographic possesses their own viewpoints regarding the best path to take based on their own priorities in life. Healthcare workers, in response, need to be flexible to meet these needs while making their systems fit them, instead of the opposite.

Ultimately, person-centered care is about developing a plan of care with patients that fits what that individual is ready, willing and able to do.

How People Benefit From Person-Centered Care

A person-centered approach helps care facilities provide accessible, responsive and flexible services that meet the diverse needs and preferences of people living in their communities. Many of these people want to remain independent for as long as possible and rely on the community care system to help them achieve this.


Let’s take a look at how individuals benefit from person-centered care.

  • This approach allows patients and their families to have greater control over their own lives by allowing them to make choices about the types of care and services they access – and how and when they’re delivered.
  • Through person-centered care, a support staff is in place to know the people they care for, to understand their experience and to support them to retain as much dignity and independence as possible.
  • Individuals’ needs and expectations are met.

Alpha One research has found that person-centered care can help to improve patients’ health and reduce the burden on health services, to the point that government policy is now embracing and encouraging the strengthening of patient voices.


The Values of Person-Centered Care


Let’s briefly cover what we’ve established so far: Person-centered refers to a provision of care and support that is focused on the individual and his/her needs. A good way to look at it is like this – we are all individuals, and while two people may be suffering from the same medical condition, it doesn’t mean that they are in need of the exact same care and support.

At Alpha One, we strive to provide the standard of care reflected in the eight values listed below:

  • Individuality
  • Independence
  • Privacy
  • Partnership
  • Choice
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Rights

Alpha One helps care facilities provide person-centered care by offering accessible, responsive and flexible mobile radiology services that meet the needs and preferences of every patient living in these residences. By offering mobile imaging services, our skilled and compassionate technologists conveniently deliver necessary care to patients in an environment in which they are already comfortable and familiar.

We also offer on-site staff and digital reporting technology to communicate with physicians and deliver 24/7-accessible patient reports for our x-ray, EKG and ultrasound services, making it easy for facility staff to access all necessary medical records to provide the highest standards of comprehensive care.

By offering these patient-centered services, Alpha One partners with facility staff to provide quality and compassionate care designed to support the needs of each patient while maintaining their dignity and fulfilling their healthcare goals.

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