What better way to examine what a career as a Radiologic Technologist looks like than hearing from one of our techs.

Meet Ebo Holman:

Why did you become a Radiologic Technologist?



“I became a Radiologic Technologist because of its career stability. I graduated from Southern University in Mass Comm. I worked for a few years at the local television station as a writer/producer. After a few years at the station, I wanted a change and decided to go back to school to become a Radiologic Technologist, which was one of my undergrad choices before Mass Comm.”

Tell us about your experience on the job

“I have now been a rad tech with Alpha One for 7 years. I enjoy the independence you have as a mobile x-ray tech by operating your own vehicle and maintaining your equipment… it gives you the sense of individuality while being a member of a team and working closely together. One of the perks of being a mobile tech is that you’re not confined to an office and your environment changes daily.”

What’s your favorite part of the job?

“As a rad tech I realize that we have a huge impact with the patients because we tend to see them on a daily basis and naturally that creates a bond. I enjoy listening to the patients when they need an ear. I’ve heard brilliant stories about life experiences that happened way before I was born. One story a Patient told me was that she worked for the FBI and was walking in New York with a briefcase filled with a Million dollars for a sting on a drug dealer in the early 70’s. When you listen you get wonderful stories, which often could be mistaken as a script off a movie.”

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