Ultrasounds can detect a plethora of health problems, which makes them incredibly beneficial to both employees and their employers. Preventative screenings allow employees to benefit from the early detection of underlying health concerns, while employers can benefit greatly from decreased workers’ compensation expenses. That’s not the only benefit these screenings present—take a look at the other reasons you should be offering ultrasounds to your employees below!


The Nuts and Bolts of Ultrasound: What Do They Detect?

The technology behind ultrasound screenings aids in the diagnosis of a wide range of diseases—from identifying abdominal pain to analyzing blood flow in the arteries for the purpose of detecting blockages. Some of the conditions an ultrasound can detect are:

An ultrasound test involves the use of high frequency sound waves (much too high to be heard by the human ear) that are transmitted through body tissues by way of a transducer. These sound waves then reflect—or “echo back—before being detected by the transducer and transmitted as information to a computer. Medical technicians and physicians can then view that information on a display screen.


Employer Benefits of Ultrasounds

It’s becoming increasingly known that a healthy workforce can benefit employers as well. The creation of a safe, positive and healthy atmosphere can boost morale, improve employees’ work/life balance and help to better business operations.

Offering preventative screenings benefits employees by the early detection of health issues, while benefiting employers with lower workers’ compensation expenses. Healthy employees are also absent less often, which means a much more productive workforce.

From an employer’s perspective, employee turnover and recruitment costs can be reduced simply by promoting good health practices (such as offering/suggesting ultrasounds) among employees and nourishing a positive work environment. There are a myriad of additional significant benefits a healthy workplace brings when bolstered by such preventative methods as ultrasound testing. By promoting and encouraging a health-conscious work environment, it’s possible to improve:

  • Business performance
  • Productivity
  • Employee engagement
  • Staff morale

A company/organization will also be able to reduce:

  • Sick-leave costs
  • Work-related accidents due to poor health
  • Employee replacement costs
  • Insurance costs


Offering your employees preventative health screenings can show that you care, while helping your bottom line at the same time. So what are you waiting for? Take the step towards a healthier workforce by having our mobile diagnostic services screen your employees!