Mobile Imaging services are significantly cheaper than going to a hospital, in fact they can be up to 85% less expensive. By understanding how and why, you can make an informed decision about your medical care, and if you own a business that has imaging needs you can save significantly on those costs.

Hospitals charge more for imaging services for three main reasons:
1. To offset the cost of poorly reimbursed services
2. They charge insurers a facility fee
3. To offset the cost of their general operations
What makes this even worse from a consumer standpoint is that there is no standardized cost for an imaging service at a Hospital and the price varies greatly. You probably know which grocery store sells cheaper milk or your favorite brand of toothpaste but the price range is similar. A store would likely go out of business if they were charging $45.00 for a tube of tooth paste. When it comes to hospitals services, however, price can vary that greatly. Moreover, patients aren’t told upfront what the cost of a procedure will be or how much your insurance will pay. If your insurance has a high deductible or you find yourself without insurance at all you risk paying even more. If you need further proof check out these examples from
. Chest X-ray in Portland, Oregon? You can pay $3,300 to get one from Legacy Salmon Creek Hospital, OR you can pay $200 at Legacy Imaging St. Helens

Abdominal Ultrasound in New York City? You can fork over $2,775 to Hudson Valley Hospital Center, OR you can pay $380 to have it done by Northeast Radiology
Colonoscopy in Seattle? Hand over $8,200 to Schick Shadel Hospital, OR have Providence Everett Medical Center do it for $2,250
Mobile Imaging services on the other hand have a much lower overhead, don’t charge a facility fee, and have no need to offset the cost of other procedures. You get the benefit of excellent service, convenience and a lower cost. Additionally, all of our technicians have the same level of training required to work in a hospital.
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